Here are a few things you have to know before booking your Tandem Skydive:

  • You have to be at least eighteen years of age and bring a valid photo ID.
  • Maximum weight 225lbs (with clothing)

18+ Photo I.D. 225lbs Maximum (with clothing)



Tandem Skydive 

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$269 Groups of 4 or more  Get $20 Discount on Regular price Reserve Now
$259 Groups of 8 or more  Get $30 Discount on Regular price    Reserve Now
$139  Video/Pics Combo of Your Skydive  

To save on your skydive use the SHOP NOW UP on all pages!

We are extremely busy during the weekends - if you pay & book in advance, we are saving time and money when you arrive and we are happy to pass the savings on to you.

Additionally, you will receive PRIORITY Status over anyone that arrives at the same time without a prepaid reservation. You are making a commitment to us, so we in turn will make a commitment to you.

*Additional fee of $50 Equipment Rental Fee on your Skydive , which includes Tandem Harness and Goggles, may apply. 

* All prepaid purchases are non-refundable !


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